Accessing SPIN™ with your Institutional Credentials

  1. Navigate to the SPIN™ Login screen by clicking the Sign In link at the top right of the screen at
  2. If your institution is a member of InCommon Federation or EduGAIN or one of its member organizations (e.g., Australian Access Federation), you may be able to use your institutional credentials to login to SPIN™. If your institution does not appear in the list, contact your local SPIN™ administrator for more information.
  3. Select your institution in the organization pick list and click Continue.
    Returning users may see their institutional logo appear above the pick list; you can click the logo to access your login screen instead of selecting your institution in the pick list.

  4. Your organization's sign in page will display. Your screen will look different from the image below.
  5. Enter your institutional credentials (e.g., username and password) and login.
    This sign in page is managed by your organization, not by InfoEd Global. The credentials you enter will be validated by your institution – not by InfoEd Global. If you do not know your credentials or are having trouble logging in, contact your institution. InfoEd Global cannot provide any assistance with your institutional credentials.

Linking your institutional credentials to an existing SPIN™ account

If you previously had established credentials to login to SPIN™ directly, then the first time you login using institutional credentials you will need to link your new login to your existing account.
  1. After submitting your credentials, you will be returned to SPIN™ and will see a screen similar to the one shown below if you previously had established SPIN™ login credentials.

  2. 2. Any profiles that exist linked to your email address, will be returned in the list (typically, there is only one).
  3. With the profile chosen, click on Connect.
  4. Once you have completed the connection process, you will always use your institutional credentials going forward; SPIN™-specific credentials associated to the connected profile will no longer work.
  5. If no account is found with your email address, you will be prompted to Create a new Profile. This will use your institution defined information to create a profile for you.